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The best blockchain for dApps

The WAX protocol is purpose-built to power the next era of dApps into mass adoption.

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The blockchain for dApps and
e-commerce marketplaces.

Built for mass market dApps

Why do millions use WAX? Our microservices layer makes the blockchain accessible for the average consumer to:

  • Distinguish between bots & verified users with WAX Cloud Wallet
  • Manage blockchain accounts and transactions with WAX Cloud Wallet

Supercharge your EOS dApp

Everything you love about EOS, plus more

  • Fully backwards compatible with EOS and EOS Wallets
  • WaxJS/eosjs library for WAX Cloud Wallet
  • FREE blockchain accounts for you & your customers
  • Protect against spam with WAX Cloud Wallet verification
  • Cheaper transaction fees

Built for NFTs & RNG

Home to the largest NFT & RNG-based dApp community

Simple for developers

Easy setup, fast deployments

  • Docker deployment images & make scripts
  • Proprietary smart contracts are protected
  • Active developer community

Convert more customers

Reach millions of customers with WAX Cloud Wallet

  • Increase signups with Facebook, Google, Twitter & Steam login
  • Reach a global audience with localization in 50 languages
  • Grow sales with enriched data profiles and personalization
  • Less headaches & increased security with built-in 2FA
Your dApp will love us

We've taken 20+ years experience in virtual items,
e-commerce, and peer-to-peer trading and packed
it into a custom blockchain solution.

More than just infrastructure

Our microservice layer makes your dApp easy to use, and simple to build.

Migrate or set up a dApp in minutes

Jump into a quickstart guide, or duplicate an existing EOS dApp in a few easy steps.

Already powering the largest dApps

Tap into the largest and most active virtual item economy of NFT & RNG-based apps and games.


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