Blockchain Environments

Below you’ll find WAX versions, URLs, and development environment information.

Service Version Description
wax-blockchain wax-1.8.1-1.0.0 WAX Blockchain source files. Refer to WAX Blockchain Setup to get started.
wax-cdt wax-1.6.1-1.0.0 WAX Contract Development Toolkit. Refer to WAX Contract Development Toolkit (WAX-CDT) to get started.
Docker Images N/A Use WAX Docker images to run a local node, use blockchain tools, and compile your smart contracts. Refer to Docker Quickstart for more information.
waxjs waxjs-1.0.0 WaxJS Javascript API for integration with the WAX Cloud Wallet. Use this to easily sign in users and send transactions to the WAX Blockchain from your dApp. Refer to WAX Cloud Wallet Quickstart for more information.

WAX Mainnet

Service URL Description
Blockchain URL Used to make API calls and deploy your smart contracts to the WAX mainnet.
Blockchain P2P Peering endpoint for synchronizing a producer or full node (with no protocol in front of it).
Blockchain Explorer One-of-a-kind visual block explorer with item genesis transaction details, block details, and ownership history.
WAX Account Create a free WAX Blockchain Account. Refer to Create a free WAX Blockchain Account for more information.

WAX Testnet

A WAX Blockchain testnet is currently not available.

WAX Local Testnet

When you Set Up a Local dApp Environment, you can make calls to your local API using the following URL.

Service URL Description
Blockchain URL Used to make API calls in your local development environment.

C++ Environment

You can write WAX smart contracts using the C++ programming language. No custom language is required, although you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the WAX C/C++ API library. This library contains the core files required to communicate with the WAX Blockchain. When you’re ready to get started, refer to:

Development Tools

You can use any third party C++ editor or IDE to write your smart contracts, such as Sublime Text, Atom, CLion, Eclipse, or Visual Studio products.

EOS Studio is a graphic IDE built for EOSIO dApp development, available on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. This tool features a code editor, contract inspector, and a network manager. To integrate WAX with EOS Studio, refer to How to use EOS Studio with WAX. Our script provides a minimal integration, developed and tested with Ubuntu 18.04.

eosjs is a javascript API SDK you can use to easily communicate with the WAX Blockchain API. Refer to WAX RPC API for more information.