Deploy Your NFT Smart Contract

Next, we’ll use WAX-CDT tools to deploy your NFT smart contract to the WAX mainnet. Refer to WAX-CDT Deploy for more information.

  1. Using cleos or an EOSIO compatible wallet, create a new public/private key pair for your smart contract.

    cleos wallet create_key
  2. From the command line, use cleos system newaccount. The example below uses dAppWAXacct1 as the primary WAX Account holder and creates a new smart contract account named waxnftowner1.

    cleos -u system newaccount dAppWAXacct1 waxnftowner1 EOS7jEb46pDiWvA39faCoFn3jUdn6LfL51irdXbvfpuSko86iNU5x --stake-net '5.00000000 WAX' --stake-cpu '5.00000000 WAX' --buy-ram-kbytes 32
  3. To run the inline create action in the simpleassets smart contract, you’ll need to give your new [email protected] permission the additional eosio.code permission. This permission enhances security and allows your smart contract to send inline actions. From the command line, run the cleos set account permission command, and include the literal –add-code parameter.

    cleos -u set account permission waxnftowner1 active --add-code

    To verify the new permission, use the cleos get account command:

     cleos -u get account waxnftowner1

    The active permission now displays the new [email protected] permission.

    created: 2019-12-02T16:13:29.500
     owner     1:    1 EOS7jEb46pDiWvA39faCoFn3jUdn6LfL51irdXbvfpuSko86iNU5x
     active    1:    1 EOS7jEb46pDiWvA39faCoFn3jUdn6LfL51irdXbvfpuSko86iNU5x, 1 [email protected]
  4. Finally, set your contract with the cleos set contract command (make sure that you’re in the waxnft folder):

    cleos -u set contract waxnftowner1 $(pwd) waxrng.wasm waxrng.abi