dfuse for WAX dApps

dfuse is a powerful suite of APIs for WAX dApp Developers. The dfuse platform allows you to easily execute searches, stream real-time data, and push transactions to the WAX Blockchain.

What’s Included

  • dfuse Search - Search by actions, accounts, and more with real-time indexing.
  • dfuse Events - Custom indexing for your smart contract data.
  • eosq - High-precision block explorer with the greatest level of details.
  • All API services to meet your needs: GraphQL (both query and subscription), WebSocket and REST.
  • On Demand Networks - Dedicated on-demand blockchain environments for dev, test or production, packed with the full suite of dfuse products, ready for any development team.


You can use the following URLs to connect to dfuse APIs:

dfuse Product WAX Endpoint
WebSocket wss://mainnet.wax.dfuse.io/v1/stream
REST https://mainnet.wax.dfuse.io/
GraphQL https://mainnet.wax.dfuse.io/graphql

Chain ID: 1064487b3cd1a897ce03ae5b6a865651747e2e152090f99c1d19d44e01aea5a4

Refer to EOS API Endpoints for more information.


To learn more about dfuse:

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