WAX RNG Release Notes

Friday, August 16th (rng-v1.2.0)

  • Job id auto index generator.
  • Remove complete jobs from the jobs table.
  • Remove signing_value from the jobs table.
  • Add Travis CI.
  • Update README file.
  • Update to CDT 1.6.x.
  • Sending (checksum256) Hashed Random Value to receiverand.
  • Add missing unit tests for killjobs action/Fix contract version: 1.2.x.y instead of 1.3.x.y).

Friday, June 21st (rng-v1.1.0)

  • Refactor orng functions (actions).
  • Remove dependencies to be ready for open sourcing.

Friday, March 29th (rng-v1.0.0)

  • Update smart contract names ('wax.' prefix is now a suffix '.wax').
  • Native RSA sig verification.
  • Create request random seed action.
  • Set signature public key action.
  • Standardize the sc code.
  • Change signing data type from string to checksum256.
  • Signing data is now uint64 and is stored to avoid its reuse.
  • Remove eosio.token dependency.
  • SC adapted to built-in RSA verification. All dependencies included in tests.
  • Adjust action permissions.
  • Update output names (e.g. contract.wasm/abi -> wax.contract.wasm/abi).
  • Rename NFT::upsertapp calls to NFT::insertapp.
  • RAM payer for ORNG.
  • Update CI and dockerized deploy developer images to the latest available.
  • Refactor seed column name to random_value.
  • Update tests witn new SCs (vgo, irl, nft, giftbox).
  • Fix recrndseed account.

What's Next