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WAX's decentralized random number generator powers provably-fair mechanics for thousands of games & apps.

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Game mechanics that can't be questioned. Transparent RNG for giveaways & games.

Why use a decentralized RNG service?

Independently verifiable random numbers keep games fun & fair.

  • Easily verified by your customers
  • Tamperproof code visible on the blockchain
  • Ironclad, RSA signature verification to ensure uniqueness & authenticity

Unlock a new customer base

WAX is home to some of gaming's most successful apps & dApps.

  • Mainstream gamers trust WAX with their items & identities
  • Tap into a global community of players, traders, and collectors

WAX-powered RNG

WAX RNG uses blockchain technology to generate unpredictable, provably-random numbers in microseconds.

  • Lightning-fast
  • Free & open source
  • Easily integrated, native blockchain service
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