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Install and Build WAX RNG

To install WAX RNG from GitHub:

  1. From the command line, clone the Git repository.

     git clone

Build the WAX RNG Smart Contract and Unit Tests

The WAX RNG GitHub repository includes WAX RNG source code and various unit tests.

  • src RNG smart contract code.
  • tests: Unit test source code.

To build these smart contracts with our Docker image and make scripts:

  1. From the command line, change the directory to wax-orng.

     cd wax-orng
  2. Start the development docker.

     make dev-docker-start
  3. Next, you have two options.

    1. Build the smart contracts and unit tests.

       make build

      Run tests

       make test
    2. Optional, build and test.

       make all
  4. Clean all and exit.

     make clean