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WAX Infra Guides

Infrastructure is the backbone of any application and the same goes with WAX Blockchain and the Web3, DeFi, NFT applications built on top of it.

Compared to other blockchains like Ethereum & Bitcoin, running WAX nodes is quite different and needs a good understanding of the underlying EOSIO blockchain software operations.

There are different types of nodes in WAX Blockchain ecosystem that can used for different purposes. These nodes include:

  • Peer nodes
  • API query nodes
  • Validator/Block Producer nodes
  • Ship nodes (a.k.a Archive nodes)
  • Full/Partial History nodes (Deserialized & Consumable data archive nodes)
  • NFT standards and Marketplace specific nodes (AtomicAssets, AtomicMarket & Simpleassets)

For more detailed explaination on the different types of nodes and their use-cases, please refer:

The guides presented here will share some best practices, help you get a deeper understanding on how you can setup and maintain the WAX blockchain infrastructure in a scalable & resilient way.

If you don’t want to host your own infrastructure, you can also refer to the following service providers:

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