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Setting up WalletConnect with dApp

Cloud Wallet Upgrades

The integration of Wallet Connect with the Cloud Wallet signifies WAX's continued dedication to a multi-chain future. Through Wallet Connect's cross-chain protocol, Cloud Wallet users can seamlessly link their wallets with their top-choice dApps across the web3 universe. Furthermore, Wallet Connect offers dApp developers a flexible instrument to enhance their user experience wherever they choose to engage. If you're aiming to offer this advanced feature to your audience, you're in the right spot!

Wallet Connect stands as a foundational wallet framework within the EVM ecosystem. It empowers dApp developers to craft their projects and integrate Wallet Connect, facilitating users to seamlessly access any supporting wallet. This is akin to WAX's UAL, which presents a window with diverse wallet alternatives.

With the inclusion of the WAX Blockchain in Wallet Connect, both Cloud Wallet and WAX Blockchain have been assimilated into the Wallet Connect network. Consequently, any dApp that incorporates Wallet Connect can now more effortlessly support the WAX blockchain.