Create Your First Item

Once you’ve uploaded your item’s image to WAX, you can use the IItemSubmission/create endpoint to create and define your item’s details.


Environment URL

Body Parameters

Parameter Example Description
internal_app_id 12 Item Type. WAX App ID for 12 - WAX Stickers, 14 - WAX Digital Art and 32 - WAX Collectible Cards
name WAX Dog Item name (simpler/shorter version of makert_name)
market_name Refer to Description Full market name (must be unique per internal_app_id and contain name value )
Example: Sticker | WAX Dog [Special Edition]
With Collection: Sticker | {Collection Name} | WAX Dog
image_generic Image URL. Refer to Upload an Image for Your Item for more information.
amount 10 Number of items to be generated (copies)

Important. If you add Unique Attribute rules in the json_attributes input, those copies won’t be identical. Refer to Understanding JSON Attributes for more information.
color #4b69ff Color hex (#aa0000), related with Rarity
rarity_name Uncommon Rarity name (Legendary, Rare, etc.)
collection_name My Collection Collection name where the item belongs
Tip. Use to group your items. You can also add the collection_name to your market_name input to make it unique.
external_id “12345” ID linking this item to your records
Example: You can use this optional identification field to store information about your item in an external location.

Note. It’s not guaranteed to be a unique ID on our side.
instant_sell_enabled false Enable instant sell for items with the Verified_Authentic json_attribute set to "Yes"

Default value is set to false/no.
instant_sell_value 0 Instant sell value for each item in USD cents

Tip. Upon submission, you get charged instant_sell_value*amount from your WAX Points balance. Denied submissions get funds returned to your account.
json_attributes ”{ “Verified_Authentic”: “Yes”, “markdown_description”: “This is a cool description field!” }” Dynamic JSON Attributes in json format


curl -X POST \
  '' \
  -F internal_app_id=12 \
  -F 'name=WAX Portal' \
  -F 'market_name=Sticker | WAX Portal' \
  -F image_generic= \
  -F amount=1 \
  -F 'color=#4b69ff' \
  -F rarity_name=Uncommon


    "success": true,
    "message": "Your submission was received.",
    "submission_id": 7326

After Submission

Now you’ll need to wait for the WAX Customer Support Team to approve your submission.