Get Started with WAX Creator

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create items and item collections using the WAX Creator API.

How it Works

You can create WAX Creator items and collections using Item Definitions. Item Definitions store your item’s image URL, collection name, and other item details.

To better understand how Item Definitions work, let’s use a box of pencils as an example. In this scenario, the box is your Collection. This box contains various pencils, or Items. Inside the box, each pencil has basic attributes (e.g., the pencil’s brand, image, rarity status). Pencils can also have unique data (e.g., pencil length, color, and whether or not it’s been sharpened).

Item Definitions allow you to do amazing things, whether it’s an item you’d like to sell or items you’d like to use for a game that you’re building. Below are some things you can do out-of-the-box for Items.

Items can have attributes like:

  • Unique Serial Numbers
  • Random Integers
  • Random Floats

These features allow for some creative uses!

Once you create an item, the WAX Customer Support Team will review it. If your item’s approved, the item gets generated on the WAX Blockchain. From there you can trade it on WAX ExpressTrade.

You can also apply a monetary value to your items. You just need to have Operation Points on OPSkins. With Operation Points, items can be instant-sold for 100% of the value applied to your item.

Before You Begin

  1. You’ll need your API key to use the WAX Creator endpoints. Refer to API Keys for more information.

  2. Rules and Guidelines: Before you get started there are some rules and guidelines that you’re required to follow when making items.

    Not Allowed:

    • Drugs (Including Marijuana)
    • Overly horrific or gruesome content
    • Foul language/profanity or hate speech/racism
    • Political Content
    • Religious Content

    Any items that are sent in breaking any of those guidelines will be denied.

    Note: WAX holds the right to deny any item creation request.