Understanding JSON Attributes

Every WAX Creator item includes a json_attributes object that stores additional information about your item (e.g., Authenticity, Weapon Stats for a game).

How it Works

JSON Attributes work as key:value pairs that are publicly available from WAX APIs.

The list below describes some useful/important pre-defined attributes that you may want to add:

Attribute name Description
Verified_Authentic Value: Yes or No. If not providing a value, the value defaults to No. Verified Collectible means you own the image of this submission and can provide proof of ownership. These submissions take longer to approve and show as Verified Authentic in WAX Trade and OPSkins.
Example: {"Verified_Authentic": "Yes"}.
product_box_display Comma-separated names of the attributes you want visible in OPSkins and WAX Trade product boxes. You are limited to 5 custom attributes, but you still have other attributes to use on dApps/websites via API.
Example: {"class":"Fighter", "mana": 150, "hp": 90, "product_box_display": "class, hp"}.
In the example above, attributes class and hp will be visible in the product box, while attribute mana will be available via API only.
markdown_description Describe your item in either HTML or markdown. The description becomes available via API and displays for your item in WAX Trade, WAX Explorer and OPSkins. Tip. You don’t need to add this attribute to the product_box_display.
Example: {"markdown_description": "This is a <strong>cool</strong> description field!"}.

Look into Unique Attributes

You can also make use of our Unique Attribute rules to make each item one-of-a-kind. You can do this by adding attributes with the prefix unique_rule_ into the json_attributes field with the following structure for the attribute value: unique_{type}_{min}_{max} (for now, type must be either integer or float).


  • “unique_rule_bite_chance”: “unique_float_0_1” - Each item copy generated from this submission will have a unique_bite_chance attribute with a float value between 0 and 1 (randomly generated by WAX).
  • “unique_rule_happiness_level”: “unique_integer_0_100” - Each item copy generated from this submission will have a unique_happiness_level attribute with an integer value between 0 and 100 (randomly generated by WAX).

You can optionally add these unique attributes to the product_box_display. For example:

  "unique_rule_bite_chance": "unique_float_0_1", 
  "unique_rule_happiness_level": "unique_integer_0_100", 
  "product_box_display": "unique_happiness_level"

In the example above, the unique_bite_chance attribute will be available via API only, while the unique_happiness_level attribute displays in the Product Box for WAX Trade and OPSkins.

Note: As a result, the final randomly generated attribute uses the unique_ prefix instead of the unique_rule_ prefix.

Here is an example of a complete json_attributes input:

  "Verified_Authentic": "Yes",
  "markdown_description": "This is a <strong>cool</strong> description field!",
  "class": "Fighter",
  "mana": 150,
  "hp": 90,
  "unique_rule_bite_chance": "unique_float_0_1",
  "unique_rule_happiness_level": "unique_integer_0_100",
  "product_box_display": "class, hp, unique_happiness_level"

You can easily use json_attributes to make a card game or other unique applications.

Important: Make sure you send json_attributes as a JSON string.

What's Next