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WAX Creator lets you easily create digital items &
products that cannot be counterfeit, stolen, or deleted.

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Mint your own products, digital items, and collectibles.
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Create blockchain items in real time

Quickly create items on demand using our web app, or the WAX Creator API.

  • Create blockchain items, without learning blockchain
  • Permanently affix attributes like damage, health, value, or rarity.
  • Immortalize achievements & awards that customers can show off to their friends.
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Never lost, copied, or stolen

WAX Creator mints each item onto the blockchain as an NFT, so ownership & authenticity cannot be manipulated.

  • Create new digital products without risk of fraud
  • Confidently assign real-world value to items, where they can be instantly sold for credit on marketplaces like OPSkins
  • Easily verify authenticity any time using WAX Explorer
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Unlock a new customer base

All WAX Creator items are instantly compatible with the largest digital marketplaces.

  • Items can be easily traded or sold peer-to-peer, driving traffic back to your business
  • Your items circulate and acquire new users in perpetuity
  • Complete chain-of-custody viewable on WAX Explorer


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