Run the WAX Blockchain and start building your smart contracts in minutes using our Docker images.

WAX Blockchain mainnet, testnet, and local development URLs. This guide also includes tips on how to set up your development environment and use third-party tools.

Tags: blockchain

Set up a local WAX Blockchain development environment.

Tags: blockchain

Create, compile, and deploy a WAX smart contract to your local development environment.

Use WAX Cloud Wallet and WaxJS to send smart contract transactions to the WAX Blockchain.

Use WAX Cloud Wallet to manage your blockchain account and upload keys.

Use the WAX docker image and make scripts or WAX-CDT tools to deploy your smart contracts to WAX.

Tags: blockchain

Use WAX-CDT to convert your smart contracts to a WebAssembly (WASM) file and generate an Application Binary Interface (ABI).

Use the Simple Assets smart contract to create WAX NFTs.