WAX Cloud Wallet

WAX Cloud Wallet provides an easy, secure way for users to sign in and interact with WAX services directly from your web, mobile, and blockchain-powered apps.

Wallet Features. Easily execute blockchain transactions from your dApp using WAX Cloud Wallet and our WaxJS Javascript library. Refer to WAX Cloud Wallet Quickstart to get started.

SSO Features. Sign new and existing users in with Google, Facebook, Steam, or their WAX Cloud Wallet username and password. WAX Cloud Wallet also links to free WAX Blockchain Accounts, providing an additional layer of functionality and features to you and your users.

Developer Features. You'll need to create a WAX Cloud Wallet Account to manage your API keys.

Integrating WAX Cloud Wallet is easy. Here you'll find Quickstarts, sample code, and API reference guides to get your API key, authorize users, and make API calls on a user's behalf.

Get Started

You can use the following guides to get your API key and review our Production environments.

Authorize Users

WAX Cloud Wallet uses an implementation of standard OAuth 2.0. Once you’ve created your WAX Cloud Wallet Account and saved your API key, these tutorials can help you integrate WAX Cloud Wallet into your app and start making API calls on a user’s behalf.


Manage your OAuth clients (apps) and user tokens with our OAuth APIs.