API Keys

A WAX API key allows you to use WAX Cloud Wallet to sign users into your app and make OAuth requests on a user’s behalf (where applicable).

WAX provides a Sandbox and Production environment for most of our services, allowing you to test your integrations before going live. You’ll need to have a separate WAX Cloud Wallet Account and API key for each environment. Refer to Environment URLs for a list of environment links.

Get Your API Key

To get your API key, you’ll need to create a WAX Cloud Wallet Account. A WAX Cloud Wallet Account provides access to WAX services and a free WAX Blockchain Account. You can also send and allocate WAX and manage your WAX Blockchain activities.

  1. Navigate to WAX Cloud Wallet and create an account or sign in using the following links:

    Environment URL
    Sandbox https://all-access.wax-sandbox.com/account/developer
    Production https://all-access.wax.io/account/developer
  2. From the WAX Cloud Wallet dashboard, click Settings > Developer Settings.

  3. Enable 2-Factor Authentication.

  4. Return to the Developer Settings page. For API Key, click Generate, and enter your 2FA code.

You can only use your API key in the environment that you’ve selected (Sandbox or Production).

Warning: Store this key in a safe place. If you give your API key to anyone, your data and items could be compromised.

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