API Keys

A WAX API key allows you to access our secure API endpoints, register your app with our WAX All Access Authentication server, and make OAuth requests on a user’s behalf (where applicable).

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get an API key and access our Sandbox and Production environments.

How it Works

You can manage API keys from your WAX All Access Account. You’ll need an API key to authenticate with most of our API services, including:

  • WAX All Access OAuth Tokens
  • WAX Marketplace
  • WAX ExpressTrade
  • WAX Item Creator

WAX Case sites require a separate API key that you can easily generate using the /IUser/CreateVCaseUser endpoint. Refer to Create a special case-website user for more information.

API Environments

WAX provides a Sandbox and Production environment for most of our services, allowing you to test your integrations before going live. You’ll need to have a separate WAX All Access Account and API key for each environment. Refer to Sandbox URLs and Production URLs for a list of environment links.

Important: The Sandbox and Production environments are completely separate interfaces. Any items, trades, or changes you make in the Sandbox environment will need to be reproduced in the Production environment.

What's Next