OAuth Quickstart

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use WAX Cloud Wallet to sign users in and make API calls on their behalf. To get started, you’ll need to:

  • Register your app to get a client_id and secret (if applicable)
  • Send users to an Authorization URL
  • Exchange your Authorization code for a Bearer token
  • Get a user’s profile and WAX Blockchain information
Important: It's critical that you integrate OAuth properly. Otherwise, we reserve the right to revoke your access.

Before You Begin

Before you start this tutorial:

  1. You’ll need your API key to register your app with the WAX Authorization Server. Refer to API Keys for more information.

  2. Set up your development environment. Once users approve your app from the Authorization URL, WAX Cloud Wallet will redirect them back to your app (using the redirect_uri you POST when you register your app). To exchange your authorization code for a bearer token, you’ll need a public URL to process this request.

    Note: If you don't have a development environment set up yet, you can test WAX OAuth endpoints using Postman (not covered in this tutorial).
  3. It may be helpful to create a WAX test account, separate from your WAX API account. You can use this account to test your bearer token and verify OAuth Scopes.