WAX Accounts

When you sign up or sign in to WAX Cloud Wallet, a WAX Blockchain account is automatically created. This is your managed account that you can use to interact with WAX dApps. From your dashboard, you can Add Resources, Add WAX, Send Tokens, and view your transaction history.

Self-Managed Account

If you’d like to manage your own public and private keys, you can easily do this from the WAX Cloud Wallet Settings.

  1. Create Keys. First, you’ll need to generate public and private keys for your new account. If you’re using our Docker Quickstart, you can create a wallet and generate keys with cleos.

    Note: You can also use an EOSIO compatible wallet (e.g., Scatter) to create your keys.

    a. From Docker, create a new wallet.

    cleos wallet create -n mywallet --to-console
    Tip: Make sure to save your password in a safe place - you'll need it to unlock your wallet and deploy smart contracts.

    b. Open and unlock your wallet.

    cleos wallet open -n mywallet && cleos wallet unlock -n mywallet --password {wallet.pwd}

    c. Create keys.

    cleos wallet create_key -n mywallet
  2. Create Your Account. Sign in or sign up with WAX Cloud Wallet and go to Settings > Cloud Wallet: https://all-access.wax.io/account/cloud-wallet

    a. Under Create WAX Account, enter the public key you created in Step 1 and click Create.

You should now have a self-managed account.

To manage your new account and buy resources, you can use cleos commands, Bloks.io, or another EOSIO compatible wallet. Refer to Create a Wallet for more information and additional wallet commands.

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