WAX All Access Release Notes

Friday, November 15th (wax-all-access-v2.2.0)

  • Users can now view their WAX balance, transactions, WAX Blockchain Account name, and other blockchain statistics from the WAX Cloud Wallet. This new dashboard also allows users to send WAX to other WAX users or exchanges.
  • dApp Developers: Easily sign transactions using our new WaxJS library and WAX Cloud Wallet.
  • WAX Cloud Wallet Quickstart

Friday, November 8th (wax-all-access-v2.0.0)

Friday, November 1st (wax-all-access-v1.9.0)

  • Cloud Wallet accounts are now automatically created on the WAX Blockchain when users log in or sign up with WAX All Access.
  • WAX All Access has a new look! This redesign includes a clean, easy to use interface that's optimized for desktop and mobile use. Its minimal use of colors and sleek design can easily blend into your app's look and feel when you use WAX All Access to authenticate customers.
  • This release also includes many small UI fixes and enhancements, especially for users on mobile devices.

Friday, September 27th (wax-all-access-v1.7.0)

  • Users can now log-in with KakaoTalk, the most popular messaging app in South Korea.

Friday, August 30th (wax-all-access-v1.4.0)

  • Added ReCaptcha to WAX All Access Login to enhance security.
  • Added a new Developer Settings tab to manage API keys.

Friday, August 23rd (wax-all-access-v1.3.0)

  • Users can disable 2-Factor Authentication on the WAX All Access > Account Security page. A verification code is sent to their phone, allowing users to switch to another phone or simply disable it by entering the verification code and their current 2FA code.

Friday, August 16th (wax-all-access-v1.2.0)

  • Users can submit a support ticket to unlock a locked account.
  • Removed OAuth dependencies from OPSkins. By creating new API endpoints in WAX All Access, we now expose OAuth integrations directly to 3rd parties. If you're currently using existing endpoints, these will continue to function as expected. We will begin to request transitioning after the completion of technical documentation.