WAX OAuth Scopes

With a user’s permission, OAuth scopes allow your app to access user data and perform specific actions on a user’s behalf (e.g., make trades or purchase items). When a user signs in to WAX All Access and grants your app access to the scopes that you’ve requested, the approved scopes are saved to tokens and enforced by OAuth enabled endpoints.

If you lack the appropriate scope for an endpoint that you’re trying to call, you’ll receive an error in the response. To identify OAuth enabled endpoints and required scopes, refer to the OpenAPI Specification for the WAX service you’d like to use.

Below is a list of available scopes and a description for each.

Scope Name Access
identity_basic Grants access to retrieve basic details about the user: WAX Trade URL, UserID, SteamID, Username, Avatar, and Preferred Language & Currency.
trades Grants access to send, receive, and act on WAX Trade offers on the user's behalf. Prompts users for 2FA.
items Grants access to view items in the user's OPSkins inventory, WAX Trade inventory, OPSkins purchase history, and WAX Trade trade history
transfer_items Grants access to transfer items between OPSkins and WAX Trade.
instant_sell_recent_items Grants access to instant-sell user's recently unboxed items on WAX Trade (max 15 minutes old).
balance Grants access to view current wallet balances.
purchase_keys Grants access to purchase WAX Keys on user's behalf.
open_cases Grants access to accept case opening trade offers on user's behalf.
deposit Grants access to deposit items into the user's account

Below is a list of heavyweight scopes (typically not required for most apps).

Scope Name Access
identity Grants access to Full Name, Email, UserID, SteamID, Subscription Details, and other user profile details & settings.
trades_no_2fa Grants access to send, receive, and act on WAX Trade offers on the user's behalf. Users are not asked for 2FA (ideal for mobile apps).
manage_items Grants access to manage and edit prices in the user's OPSkins listings and to transfer items between OPSkins and WAX Trade
withdraw Grants access to withdraw items from the user's account

The following scopes are restricted. If you’d like to use these scopes, you’ll need to open a support ticket.

Scope Name Access
edit_account Grants access to edit the user's account details.
payments Grants access to make payments to and from the user's account.
purchase Grants access to purchase OPSkins items on the user's behalf.
cashout Grants access to request cashouts from the user's OPSkins account, to cancel cashouts on the user's behalf, and to change the user's cashout addresses.
convert Grants access to convert currencies in the user's OPSkins account.

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