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Millions of people and businesses trust WAX All Access to keep customer onboarding simple, transparent, and secure.


Free SSO in 50 languages, using our free single sign on software.



Zero investment in account security & management means you stay focused on driving business.



Get to know your customers & grow sales with enriched profiling and personalization. Filter out bots & bad actors.

The simplest way to onboard & manage accounts.
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50 languages

Easy onboarding in 50 languages

mobile sync

Let customers sync social, gaming, and crypto accounts

sso sign in

Increase signups with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more

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WAX makes account management


WAX All Access saves hundreds of hours and lines of code.

  • Onboard customers in 50 languages
  • Increase signups with Facebook, Google, Twitter & Steam login
  • Let customers sync all social, gaming, payment, & crypto accounts
  • Personalize your offerings to each user
  • Seamlessly connect to other WAX services

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WAX makes knowing your customer


Market your business to people, not bots.

  • Account verification, whitelisting, and risk scoring
  • Sophisticated fraud detection & reporting
  • 24/7/365 customer support

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WAX keeps your customers' data


Blockchain-based, built-in security.

  • Removes liability of maintaining personal data - no tickets or support staff needed
  • Offer turnkey 2FA & multifactor authentication
  • Automatic brute force lockouts & monitoring

wax all access

Over 56% of users prefer their local language

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