Get Trade Offers

Trade offers expire after 14 days by default. You can modify the trade offer expiration using the expiration_time parameter (minimum of 2 minutes, sent as seconds). How fast a trade offer’s accepted can vary by user settings and OAuth scopes.

Users have the option to automatically accept gifts and to allow 2-Factor code reuse for sending and accepting offers. You can also use the trades_no_2fa scope to send, receive, and act on WAX ExpressTrade offers on a user’s behalf.

You have several ways to check an offer status, including:

  • By offer_id using the GetOffer endpoint. Returns a single offer. You must be either the sender or receiver of an offer to use this endpoint (if you use your API key). Otherwise, you can use OAuth to get an offer status on a user’s behalf.
  • By uid using the GetOffers endpoint. Returns multiple offers. You can use this endpoint to check P2P offer statuses.