Set Up WAX ExpressTrade

To use the WAX ExpressTrade API, you’ll need to create a WAX All Access Account and get your API key. You’ll need a separate key for the Sandbox and Production environments.

Refer to API Keys for more information, or you can use the guide below to get your Sandbox API key and create a test environment.

Create a Test Environment

To help you learn the features of WAX ExpressTrade, we’ll set up the following in the Sandbox environment:

  • An API Account which includes your API key and simulated WAX ExpressTrade inventory.
  • A separate test user account to accept trades from you and other users.
  • Another test user account to simulate P2P trades between two external users.

Sandbox URLs

Service URL
WAX All Access
WAX Marketplace
WAX ExpressTrade

Stock Your Inventory

In this section, you’ll create an API Account and stock your WAX ExpressTrade inventory from the WAX Marketplace (OPSkins).

  1. Use the WAX All Access Sandbox environment to create your API Account and get an API key. This will be your API Account. Refer to API Keys for more information.

    Tip: WAX All Access Accounts automatically give you access to the WAX Marketplace and WAX ExpressTrade.
  2. Navigate to Click Sign In/Register from the top navigation and accept the Terms of Use. In the top header, locate your WAX Marketplace user name (e.g., USER 6434084). Click the down arrow to manage your new account.

  3. When you create a Sandbox account, your account balance defaults to $10,000 in simulated funds. To stock your WAX ExpressTrade inventory, you’ll need to simulate purchases from the WAX Marketplace.

    a. You can use the following link to purchase VGO items:

    b. Select an item and click “Add to Cart,” then click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page. Below Item Delivery, select WAX ExpressTrade and click Checkout. Repeat this process for as many items as you’d like.

  4. At the top of the page, click WAX ExpressTrade, then click Log In. Your items should display in your WAX ExpressTrade inventory.

Create Test User Accounts

  1. Log out of WAX All Access, the WAX Marketplace, and WAX ExpressTrade.

  2. Using a different email address or social media account, use the WAX All Access Sandbox environment to create additional accounts: You can create as many test accounts as you’d like.