Use WAX ExpressTrade

In this tutorial, we’ll use the WAX ExpressTrade Sandbox environment to:

  • Trade your inventory to a user’s WAX ExpressTrade URL
  • Trade your inventory to a user that you’ve authenticated using WAX All Access
  • Enable P2P trading from your app

How it Works

WAX ExpressTrade offers several ways to trade items. You can simply ask users to provide their WAX ExpressTrade URL (to trade your inventory), or you can authorize users with the WAX All Access OAuth service to manage P2P trades.

For example, let’s say that you’re hosting a giveaway from your blog, site, or social media page. Customers can register to win an item that’s available from your WAX ExpressTrade inventory (e.g., VGO items from the WAX Marketplace (OPSkins), NFT’s you’ve created with WAX Creator).

You randomly choose a winner, and you could use WAX ExpressTrade to:

  • Stock your inventory
  • Optional. Authenticate your winner with WAX All Access and get a bearer token
  • Trade an item from your inventory to the winner’s WAX ExpressTrade inventory

You could also create an app that allows users to share their inventory and trade with other users.