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WalletConnect Developer Guide

1. Retrieving Keys

  • Enter the Account name associated with WalletConnect.
  • Hit the “Get Available Keys” button.

2. Serialized Transaction

Enter the necessary action. A sample would look like:

3. Signing Transactions:

  • Enter the keys from Step 1 and the serialized data from Step 2.
  • Use the provided transaction sample and modify it with your personal information.

Once done, approve the transaction pop-up on Cloud Wallet sending the sign transaction request from the dApp. The dApp will then confirm the transaction approval.

4. Message Signing

  • Enter the keys (from Step 1).
  • Enter the given message sample.
  • Click on WAX_SIGN_MESSAGE.

Upon approval, the dApp will provide a confirmation.

5. Push Transaction Signing

  • Use the keys from the initial first step and the serialized data from the second step.
  • Modify the given transaction sample with your details.

Once you give approval, the dApp will send a confirmation.

WalletConnect and dApp integration offers a straightforward way to manage digital transactions. Following the steps mentioned above will ensure a seamless connection and transaction experience. Always stay updated with the latest versions and patches to fix any reported bugs.

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