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WAX Random Number Generator

The WAX Random Number Generator (WAX RNG) is a native blockchain service that provides provably fair random numbers for single-users. Based on the Signidice algorithm, WAX RNG offers excellent randomization, a cleaner workflow, and lightning-fast RSA verification.

What's Included

The WAX RNG GitHub repository includes:

  • WAX RNG Source Code
  • Sample Contracts & Unit Tests
  • Make scripts that use our Docker Images

Before You Begin

If you'd like to use our Docker images to build the WAX RNG GitHub repository, you'll need:

  1. Docker, installed and configured to run without sudo
  2. make

To build the WAX RNG repo and run unit tests from source, you'll need to:

  1. Install the Blockchain Setup
  2. Install the WAX Contract Development Toolkit (WAX-CDT)