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Run a WAX Container

To run the waxteam/dev Docker image:

  1. Install Docker (if you haven't done so already).


Linux Users: It's recommended that you configure Docker to run without sudo to utilize all of our Docker-enabled make scripts. Refer to Post-installation steps for Linux for more information.

  1. Create a new directory named wax. You can use this folder to store WAX Blockchain source code, samples, and your WAX smart contracts directory. This directory will be shared between your operating system and the Docker container. You will be able to edit your source code with your favourite IDE in either environment.

  2. From the command line, start your WAX containers in interactive mode and share your host's wax directory. This command starts a bash session inside the container.


    docker run -it --name waxdev -v /c/wax:/wax waxteam/dev bash
    docker run -it --name waxcdt -v /c/wax:/wax waxteam/cdt bash

    Windows 10

    docker run -it --name waxdev -v c:\wax:/wax waxteam/dev bash
    docker run -it --name waxcdt -v c:\wax:/wax waxteam/cdt bash

    The console prints something similar to:


You should now have a running container with an active bash session. You can use this bash session to follow along with our Quickstart guides and tutorials.