# Free API Service Providers

There are public APIs provided by different validator teams but often times they are heavily rate-limited etc. You can find the list of public APIs here:

EOSNATION API List (opens new window)

Paid service providers offer much more reliability, flexibility and better rate-limits with SLAs for your dapps and removes the hassle to setup & maintain the infrastructure, you can find different service providers and their offerings below:

Provider Name Website Offerings Offerings Type Contact Information
WAX Galaxy https://waxgalaxy.io/tools/api-services (opens new window) FAH, PAH, SH, AA Dedicated Servers, API Metered Subscriptions contact@waxgalaxy.io, Telegram ID: @sukeshtedla
binfra.one https://binfra.one/ (opens new window) FAH, AA, SH, LA Dedicated and Shared Servers https://t.me/cc32d9
EOS USA https://www.eosusa.io/hosting/ (opens new window) FAH, SH, AA Dedicated Servers https://www.eosusa.io/hosting/, Telegram ID: @EOSUSA_Michael
EOS Nation https://dfuse.eosnation.io/pricing (opens new window) FAH API Metered Subscriptions info@eosnation.io, Telegram ID: @mdarwin
WAX Sweden https://waxsweden.org/commercial-api/ (opens new window) SH, Contract Notifications Dedicated Servers https://t.me/eossweden
  • FAH: Full Archive History
  • PAH: Partial Archive History
  • SH: State History nodes
  • AA: AtomicAssets/Market API nodes
  • LA: Light API nodes

If you want to communicate with infra service providers, visit this telegram channel: