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Manage Containers

To exit your interactive bash session (without stopping your container), press ctrl-p + ctrl-q to send an escape sequence. The console prints:

read escape sequence

The command above returns you to your host's command prompt. You can verify that your container is still running by using the docker ps command:

docker ps

To re-attach to your bash session, use the docker attach command.

docker attach waxdev

To stop your container, use the docker stop command.

docker stop waxdev

To re-start your container, use the docker start command.

docker start waxdev

If the docker ps command does not display your container, try running it with the -a key. This command will show everything, even containers that are not running

docker ps -a

Now that you've set up your Docker environment, you're ready to follow the guides in this section. While it's not required to complete the WAX Blockchain Setup in the next tutorial, we still recommend downloading the source code to access code samples and make scripts.