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Cloud Wallet

With just a few lines of code, Cloud Wallet makes it as simple for customers to use your dApp as any mainstream app.

  1. Free SSO in 48 languages, using our free single sign on software.
  2. Zero investment in account security & management means you stay focused on driving business.
  3. Get to know your customers & grow sales with enriched profiling and personalization. Filter out bots & bad actors.

The simplest way to onboard & manage accounts. Designed for use by anyone - gamers, developers, even crypto fanatics

What makes Cloud Wallet different?

It's simple for mainstream gamers and app customers to use your dApp (not just the crypto community).

  • No complicated onboarding process - just a 2 step login
  • Customers don't have to connect MetaMask or any other third-party wallet to log in or execute transactions
  • Customers can log in with their favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google, KakaoTalk, VK and more

Featuring powerful developer tools

Tap into the global community of gamers, item traders, and collectors in just minutes - for free (seriously)

  • The WCW Quickstart Guide features tutorials, installation instructions, code samples, and a live demo
  • Users can whitelist your dApp and auto-sign transactions, so you can execute blockchain transactions on their behalf
  • Zero investment in account security & management means you stay focused on driving business

Unique, user-friendly advantages

WCW is the uncomplicated crypto wallet

  • Localized into 48 languages
  • Stores both NFTs and crypto balances all in one wallet
  • Works on mobile just as easily as it does on a desktop
  • Customers can automatically log into your dApp any time they access it using the WaxJS feature

Join dApps already using Cloud Wallet

Convert more customers. Completely free.