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WAX RNG Basics

  • WAX RNG Smart Contract. The WAX RNG smart contract runs on the WAX mainnet, owned by the orng.wax account.
  • WAX RNG Oracle Service. Secured by the oracle.wax account, this service monitors the WAX Blockchain externally, listening for new calls to the WAX RNG smart contract. When you request a new random number, the RNG oracle creates RSA signatures that generate provably fair random numbers.

Here's the typical WAX RNG flow:

  1. Your user or your client-side app supplies a 64-bit random number (signing_value). For example, you could display a button that calls a javascript function that generates a pseudo-random number. When the user is satisfied with their seed value, they can click another button (e.g., Start Playing).
  2. You also need to supply a unique tracking number (assoc_id). This can be an internal job id or database id. This number will serve as a unique key to identify the request and help retrieve the random number obtained.
  3. Your smart contract calls the WAX RNG service to request a random number, sending your assoc_id and the user's signing_value.
  4. The WAX RNG oracle accepts your request, then uses an internal public and private key pair to create an RSA signature based on the number supplied by your customer (signing_value). This signature is hashed and becomes your random number.
  5. The WAX RNG service verifies the RSA signature returned from the WAX RNG oracle, then sends the random number to a call-back action in your smart contract, along with your tracking number (assoc_id).
  6. You display the random number to the client or implement some sort of randomization logic, animation, or in-game function.