Your WAX account is used for all interactions with the blockchain, all actions require an associated authority which is typically your accounts active permission.

There are occasions when you may require a specific action to be executed from an external node our another party using your account, where you wouldn't want to share your active private key.

In this guide a practical example will be walked though on claiming rewards.

This article has been updated to incorporate the Antelope (opens new window) Leap software build process.

# WAX Account Custom Permissions

If you are after more detail Antelope accounts and permissions are covered extensively in the legacy but still valid EOSIO Developers Documentation (opens new window) , as well as the new Antelope Documentation Site (opens new window).

By default a WAX account has two permissions owner and active

The _owner_ permission sits at the root of the permission hierarchy for every account. It is therefore the highest relative permission an account can have within its permission structure. Although the _owner_ permission can do anything a lower level permission can, it is typically used for recovery purposes when a lower permission has been compromised. As such, keys associated with the _owner_ permission are typically kept in cold storage, not used for signing regular operations.

The implicit default permission linked to all actions is _active_, which sits one level below the _owner_ permission within the hierarchy structure. As a result, the _active_ permission can do anything the _owner_ permission can, except changing the keys associated with the owner. The _active_ permission is typically used for voting, transferring funds, and other account operations.

In this article a custom permission example will be walked through, this custom permission will fall under the active permission and will provide authorisation for 3 reward claiming actions claimgbmprod , claimgbmvote and claimgenesis.

# Configuration Summary

  1. Create a new key-pair
  2. Create a custom permission
  3. Assign an action to the custom permission
  4. Execute the permissioned action

cleos and keosd will be used for this configuration as discussed in our previous article, Set Up a WAX Testnet Block Producer Node (opens new window).

Create and import a new key-pair

***Create a new key-pair***
> cleos create key --to-console  
Private key: 5KdtC99C9VoZoXscoQLe77zmnVAwj3PGSb1aJVQPZBEzcseaP5n  
Public key: EOS4tma83A8ocKsKsio2hpecJv16AZL4YxnoHpU2TK25r4E6UGE28

***Create a new wallet to use this key-pair***
> cleos wallet create -n waxclaim --to-console  
Creating wallet: waxclaim

Save password to use in the future to unlock this wallet.  
Without password imported keys will not be retrievable.  

***Unlock your wallet with the password from before***
> cleos wallet unlock -n waxclaim  
password: Unlocked: waxclaim

***Import your active_key : private***
> cleos wallet import -n waxclaim  
private key: imported private key for: EOS8PSfvq342YTVtogNVskjCttpx1rQX9JT59wQuLt2Nkz16ZmsL4

Create a custom permission

The below command will create a custom permission called waxclaimer, the public key is used from the above generated key-pair and it will fall under the eosphereiobp accounts active permission in this example.

Of course for your purposes you would use your own Guild account and ensure that your active permission is unlocked using cleos.

> cleos -u set account permission eosphereiobp waxclaimer '{"threshold":1,"keys":[{"key":"EOS4tma83A8ocKsKsio2hpecJv16AZL4YxnoHpU2TK25r4E6UGE28","weight":1}]}' "active" -p eosphereiobp@active

Assign actions to the custom permission

In the below example three actions will be assigned under the waxclaimer permission, claimgbmprod (Block Production Rewards), claimgbmvote (Voter Rewards) and claimgenesis (Genesis Rewards).

As before, for your purposes you would use your own Guild account and ensure that your active permission is unlocked using cleos.

> cleos -u set action permission eosphereiobp eosio claimgbmprod waxclaimer

> cleos -u set action permission eosphereiobp eosio claimgbmvote waxclaimer

> cleos -u set action permission eosphereiobp eosio claimgenesis waxclaimer

Execute the permissioned actions

Using the waxclaimer permission and associated unlocked waxclaim wallet in this example (make sure you unlock waxclaim before use), these actions can now be executed without having to unlock and use the active permission.

The custom permission is used by specifying -p eosphereiobp@waxclaimer in the action.

> cleos -u push action eosio claimgbmprod '{"owner":"eosphereiobp"}' -p eosphereiobp@waxclaimer

> cleos -u push action eosio claimgbmvote '{"owner":"eosphereiobp"}' -p eosphereiobp@waxclaimer

> cleos -u push action eosio claimgenesis '{"claimer":"eosphereiobp"}' -p eosphereiobp@waxclaimer

These WAX Developer Technical Guides are created using source material from the EOSphere WAX Technical How To Series (opens new window)

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