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WAX-CDT Build Tools

WAX-CDT includes various eosio commands, built around the Clang front-end and tooling infrastructure. This collection includes various tools to build optimized, high-performance WASM files. Refer to WAX-CDT Options for more information.

It's recommended that you use eosio-init to Create a Smart Contract. This tool provides scripts to easily organize and build your project.

If these scripts do not meet your needs, you can also use the eosi-cpp command to compile your smart contracts.

Use eosio-cpp

To generate a WASM and ABI file for your smart contract:

  1. From the command line, navigate to your smart contracts folder.

  2. Run the eosio-cpp build command with the -abigen parameter.


eosio-cpp also includes Ricardian terms in your ABI file. Refer to Ricardian Contracts and Ricardian Clauses for more information.

eosio-cpp -abigen wax.cpp -o wax.wasm

This will generate two files in your contract's directory:

  • The compiled binary WASM (wax.wasm)
  • The generated ABI file (wax.abi)