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Uninstall WAX-CDT

If you have a previous version of WAX-CDT installed (Version : wax-1.4.1-1.0.0), you'll need to uninstall it before you can install the latest version.

What's removed

This script will remove the following tools:

  • eosio-cpp
  • eosio-cc
  • eosio-ld
  • eosio-init
  • eosio-abidiff
  • eosio-wasm2wast
  • eosio-wast2wasm
  • eosio-ranlib
  • eosio-ar
  • eosio-objdump
  • eosio-readelf


If you created folders or modified any files in this directory, they will remain intact after the uninstall script runs. This script only removes the WAX-CDT tools.

Run the Uninstall Script

To uninstall the WAX-CDT:

  1. From the command line, navigate to your WAX-CDT folder (e.g. wax-blockchain/wax-cdt).

  2. Run the uninstall script.

    sudo ./

    Enter your password, and then 1 to uninstall WAX-CDT.